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Tips for write a good essay

To write a good essay, ideas are important, but they are not enough. It requires a high reading component pertinent to the subject, even if it is a literary and imaginary approach, for it is not to say what occurs to the author, but to structure a whole magical world. Only if there is an adequate previous reading can you write about a subject, problem, express positions against something or propose a new world that has such coherence that becomes reality for the reader (Harry Potter case). The inspiration and ideas for the essay do not arise from nothing, it arises from the reading experience we have. In the same way the writing of the same one is given, the quality of the essay depends on the writing experience of the author. In general, writing is not easy but doing it well requires practice. Writing is learned by writing and reading, as stated above.

To prepare the test, the most relevant point is to determine the purpose of the test. The purpose of the writing is the starting point to define the type of essay and the style to follow in writing. This point is also linked to the audience to which the writing is addressed. Having clarity of the target audience allows to be more efficient in the use of language and not incur the use of words ofigures that are going to confuse the reader. Literary figures are beautiful but they are not always useful for exposing, explaining or expressing something for a specific audience.

Once the objective and the target audience are clear, the type of test (as explained above) must be defined. Regardless of the type of test, it must be a generator of concern or reflection on the issue or problem it addresses. For the specific case of a master’s degree in administrative sciences, the essay is more scientific, ie, poetic essays are excluded not because they are not valid and interesting, but because for training purposes, others are more useful.

There is a basic requirement that must be met: clarity in the expression of ideas. Given this, based on the reading, make two lists: one of the main ideas you want to show or discuss in the essay and another of the different perspectives from where you can analyze the problem or thematic to be dealt with.

Based on the above lists determine if you want to make a criticism or an exposition of the subject and supported in the previous lists list the arguments against or in favor (if it is a critic) or the fundamental and secondary characteristics if it is an exhibition. In this way establish the main divisions that will have the essay and the elements or ideas each one of them. Here what you are doing is to determine the paragraphs. Think about whether your exposure is better going from the general to the particular or vice versa.

According to the objective of your essay and for each idea that you have raised as relevant (paragraph), determine the tools you will use in writing development, ie, definitions and citations, comparisons or contrasts, classifications or characterizations, description of processes and / Or analysis. In the same way, start by writing sentences related to each of these ideas. Remember the parts of the essay and what each part should contain.

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