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Tips for write a good essay

To write a good essay, ideas are important, but they are not enough. It requires a high reading component pertinent to the subject, even if it is a literary and imaginary approach, for it is not to say what occurs to the author, but to structure a whole magical world. Only if there is an adequate previous reading can you write about a subject, problem, express positions against something or propose a new world that has such coherence that becomes reality for the reader (Harry Potter case). The inspiration and ideas for the essay do not arise from nothing, it arises from the reading experience we have. In the same way the writing of the same one is given, the quality of the essay depends on the writing experience of the author. In general, writing is not easy but doing it well requires practice. Writing is learned by writing and reading, as stated above.

To prepare the test, the most relevant point is to determine the purpose of the test. The purpose of the writing is the starting point to define the type of essay and the style to follow in writing. This point is also linked to the audience to which the writing is addressed. Having clarity of the target audience allows to be more efficient in the use of language and not incur the use of words ofigures that are going to confuse the reader. Literary figures are beautiful but they are not always useful for exposing, explaining or expressing something for a specific audience.

Once the objective and the target audience are clear, the type of test (as explained above) must be defined. Regardless of the type of test, it must be a generator of concern or reflection on the issue or problem it addresses. For the specific case of a master’s degree in administrative sciences, the essay is more scientific, ie, poetic essays are excluded not because they are not valid and interesting, but because for training purposes, others are more useful.

There is a basic requirement that must be met: clarity in the expression of ideas. Given this, based on the reading, make two lists: one of the main ideas you want to show or discuss in the essay and another of the different perspectives from where you can analyze the problem or thematic to be dealt with.

Based on the above lists determine if you want to make a criticism or an exposition of the subject and supported in the previous lists list the arguments against or in favor (if it is a critic) or the fundamental and secondary characteristics if it is an exhibition. In this way establish the main divisions that will have the essay and the elements or ideas each one of them. Here what you are doing is to determine the paragraphs. Think about whether your exposure is better going from the general to the particular or vice versa.

According to the objective of your essay and for each idea that you have raised as relevant (paragraph), determine the tools you will use in writing development, ie, definitions and citations, comparisons or contrasts, classifications or characterizations, description of processes and / Or analysis. In the same way, start by writing sentences related to each of these ideas. Remember the parts of the essay and what each part should contain.

How to Write a College Marketing Essay

Although there are two marketing trials are the same, all the sages have some things in common. When writing an essay for college marketing, it is important that you take the time to read the appropriate sources and properly structure the paper. It is also important that you allow yourself as much time as possible to prepare and revise the essay, because a good essay is never finished – it has just been submitted. The longer you have to write, the more chance you have of making something bigger.

Select a topic. Before you begin the essay, you need to choose a general topic that interests you, unless the subject has been assigned by your instructor. Do not worry about having a specific question again; Just focus on an area that catches your attention. The more interested you are in the subject, the more likely there is to do a good job on paper.

Read and develop a research question. Once you have a topic, begin by reading light on the topic in books, magazines and company reports. As you read, start developing a more precise research topic or problem you need to know more about. This research will produce your research question.

Investigate and consult reliable sources on the subject. For the wise of marketing, this will include activities and, when appropriate relationships, magazines, books, marketing and business and corporate experts. It cuts through various marketing disciplines, including business, economics and political science as well, so do not limit your search to just one industry. In some cases, you may have to contact companies directly to obtain the material, which can be done by email or by phone or in person. Interviews can also be useful for research, especially if you can talk to employees in a company’s marketing department.

Make an outline. All essays require a scheme, which helps you organize your thoughts and makes sure that the card stays on the road. Marketing essays should include specific marketing elements. These may include strategies for reaching new businesses or maintaining existing customer bases, evaluating current approaches or alternatives, and market studies aimed at understanding a segment or segments of the population.

Write and review a project. Use your profile to write the essay. Marketing essays often require the use of graphics or logos, in order to include them as necessary, as they may be relevant to your research topic. Make sure your essay includes a broad introduction, body and conclusion, and satisfies word requirements or page length assignment.

Review and submit. Re-read essay for style, content and grammar. Read the newspaper aloud, as this will help you catch any uncomfortable or confusing passages. If possible, have a classmate read the newspaper; Make an exchange rate if you can. A second pair of eyes on the piece makes it more likely that mistakes will be caught.

Essay on Global Warming

Scientists predict that, in a radically drastic change, the temperature will be destined to rise to 6 degrees Celsius during the next century, an increase that will surely bring devastating consequences.

Floods, the advance of deserts across Europe, earthquakes and gigantic waves are just some of the disasters we might expect.

If this trend persists the northern freezing mass will lose between 50% and 100% of its current surface by the end of the century, depending on the intensity of global warming, which means that the Arctic is much more affected by human impact About nature than other regions of the globe, because:

“The additional weight of millions of cubic kilometers of water could cause strain on the weaker points of the earth’s crust, known as lithosphere by experts.

This could precipitate earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well as geological faults that would cause local devastation and send harmful gases and debris to the atmosphere. There are also greater risks of tsunamis. These giant waves are generated by submarine earthquakes and can travel thousands of miles around the ocean at speeds of 800 kilometers per hour. They appear without warning and with waves up to 30 meters high. ”

The damages that could be caused in Mexico for consequential reasons of the problem to increase are predicted to be the following:

Disappearance of forests.

“With an increase in temperature of 2 degrees Celsius and a 10% decrease in precipitation, conifer and oak forests would be negatively affected and rainforests would be favored.”

And in the water crisis

Reducing the volume of water in heavily exploited watersheds can turn into a catastrophe, especially in densely populated areas.

And consequently in the invasions of the sea:

The rise of the sea due to climate change would not only radically alter systems of high biological productivity such as coastal lagoons, but would also have an irreversible impact on the rich biodiversity of wetland areas such as the Centla Reservoir Biosphere Reserve and Area of ​​Protection of flora and fauna of Lagoon of Terms.

And in the effects that cities will have:

“On the one hand, the lack of water due to the reduction of rainfall and the decrease in the recharge of the aquifers and, on the other hand, the floods caused by extreme precipitation.”

Some effective recommendations to reduce damage are very simple and practical to know, which you can take right now to reduce pollution caused by global warming, the energy balance of the Earth allows to maintain the temperature in a narrow margin that makes life possible.


Each time you choose a fluorescent light bulb instead of an incandescent bulb, for example, it lowers your light bill and prevents more than 300 kilos of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the air during the life of the bulb. By choosing a refrigerator labeled Energy Star, which indicates that it uses at least 15% less energy from the federal requirement, instead of a less energy-efficient model, it can reduce carbon dioxide pollution by about one ton

And here the main silver idea is that Climate change we are already living. Major natural disasters that once occurred every decade, now increasingly occur more often. These phenomena are increasingly occurring more frequently and intensively. The detachment of large blocks of ice is occurring at the poles, giant ice masses of hundreds of km. squares.

And the underdeveloped countries will suffer the greatest impact. This will cause huge global crises due to economic consequences and human losses. Wars due to scarcity of natural resources, and one of the main causes will be water scarcity. It is very difficult, because we have to change the mentality of people, change our ways of living, and that is not from day to day. And there are other interests in play, the desire for profit and expansion of the countries of the 1st world. And this here in Mexico would not benefit us at all. We believe in a better future, let’s change now.

In doing this work I was able to understand the situation that we are living today, because of this great problem, which we can not leave on the one hand, if we do not give it importance since it is a problem that directly affects humanity.

As human beings we must raise awareness about the misuse we give to natural resources, in order to contribute our grain of sand and give solution to this problem and together we can achieve a different and better world for future generations.