Topics for a research work on art history

Topics for a research work on art history

Every student is afraid to write a paper, even if it is a history of art. When selecting a research paper topic for your final work, strive for a topic for which it is easy to find references that support it. It is best to get a topic that interests you and about which you already know a little. The more comfortable you feel about the subject, the more solid your work will be.

Organization of the final work
When choosing a topic, remember that you can approach it in one of two ways, either narrative or analytically. With the narrative style, you provide a description to the subject on the basis of both facts and opinions. At work, you will be using both direct quotes and paraphrases. In the analytic style, for your part, you set up an argument or a problem and then present the evidence in support of the position you have chosen.

Challenge in choosing a topic
There is a big difference between a final work of art history and a term work for an average course. In a final work of art history, you have to be able to translate the visual into the verbal. To do this effectively, you need to become familiar with both the terms and the concepts needed to describe art. Not only must you describe what you see materially, but also make sure that your description provides the argument or point of view of your final work effectively.

Renaissance theme ideas
For the Renaissance period, you can choose to discuss and explain the changes in Michelangelo’s style of art and compare and contrast two or more of his early works with his later works. Then you can discuss the factors that contributed to the changes that you are identifying.

Evaluate Leonardo da Vinci’s career and his contributions to the history of art, making sure you use concrete examples to support your point of view.

Far East theme ideas
For a work on the art of the Far East, you could, for example, follow the development of Buddhist architecture, painting and sculpture in India from its earliest beginning to its end at the end of the seventh century AD.

Compares and contrasts the visual arts of Japan, China and India. It explains how visual arts in these countries are both similar and different. Be sure to check the works of each society to support your point of view.

Theme ideas on the art of the Middle Ages, the Gothic, the Romanesque and the art of the barbarians
Explain and discuss the importance of illuminated manuscripts in the art of the Roman Empire. Compare and contrast the different paintings of the manuscripts with specific examples.

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Analyze at least three buildings to describe the development of Romanesque architecture.

It analyzes the characteristic forms, styles and themes of barbarian art in an area of Europe, illustrating the main points with concrete works. Discusses the influence of barbarian art on Christian art in Europe.

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